Types of Commercial Refrigeration for a Restaurant

Starting a restaurant business requires proper planning and budget to launch well. Aside from all the paperwork and permits that needs to be filled, there are also plenty of equipment to be prepared. One essential part of any restaurant is a good refrigeration system. Choosing quality refrigeration system is important for a smooth running kitchen and longer lasting supplies.

There are several types of commercial refrigeration systems depending on a restaurant’s needs. This article will give you a hint on the different types and how to choose which fits your business.

Factors to Consider

One main factor that affects your choice of refrigeration system is the size of your restaurant. You can pick bigger models if you have more space allotted for it. The supply delivery schedule also plays a big role. Your restaurant won’t need a huge refrigerator if you’re receiving fresh supplies daily. However, you’ll need more refrigerator space if the delivery schedule is not frequent so you can store more goods. Stuartek is Melbourne’s best when it comes to refrigeration repair and service. If you have issues regarding your restaurant refrigeration system, don’t hesitate to drop by a message.

Reach-In Coolers

Reach-in coolers are located somewhere away from the cooking line in the kitchen. As the name suggests, the staff needs to reach in to get items from the cooler. It consists usually of 2 or 3 doors depending on how much space your kitchen needs.

Refrigeration Drawers

Refrigeration drawers are perfect for smaller kitchens. This type is installed under counters or even cooking lines, making the goods readily accessible when cooking. Meat, fish, poultry and seafood are usually stored in these coolers.

Walk-In Coolers

Walk-in coolers are great for big restaurants that hold large amounts of produce and food every day. It is made from food grade parts – from shelves to flooring so food safety is ensured. It can be closet sized or even as big as a room. You can store boxes of fresh ingredients, buckets of food, or anything that is bulky and perishable at the same time. Each state has health codes regarding these types of cooler so check with them before installing one.

Restaurant Freezers

The main purpose of restaurant freezers is to hold and preserve frozen food products such as meat, poultry, frozen vegetables, and many more. It is not recommended to make or store ice in a restaurant freezer since it will just be a waste of space. Get a separate ice machine to do the job.

Bar Refrigeration

If your restaurant has a bar, you’ll find this type of refrigeration system useful. They can be installed waist-level or even ground-low. Restaurant bar coolers hold beer, wine, and other bottled or canned beverages and keep them cool.

Those were the many types of refrigeration systems fit for a restaurant. If you’re just starting up your business, you may find that brand new refrigeration systems are a bit costly. It’s okay to purchase second hand ones as long as they are still in good running condition. Simply upgrade it later on.

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