Amazing Tips on How to Accessorize Like A Pro

Just when you thought that you’re already wearing the perfect outfit, it is never complete without accessories. These little pieces make your outfit even more special and are a perfect way of expressing your uniqueness. There are so many accessories to choose from but not all look great on all attires. Just like shoes, there are still some factors to consider when accessorizing your outfit. Here are some basic ideas on how to accessorize like a pro.


Aside from its utility, bags are great accessory pieces that can make or break your whole outfit. With so many types of bags, it can get a little confusing choosing one that fits your style. In general, bigger bags are great for casual days or events while smaller ones are perfect for formal or special gatherings. For example, tote bags look great with casual attire when you’re going shopping. Small clutch bags perfectly suit formal clothing like when you’re attending a wedding. For elegant bags and other fashion stuffs, check out Catwalk Connection Facebook or shop online at our official website.


Different types of belts have different uses and effects. For example, if you’re wearing something large or loose such as a shirtdress or shift dress, waist belts are your best pick. They are stretchable and perfectly cinch around the waist for a naturally chic look. If you’re wearing a slightly plain looking dress, you can spice it up by wearing a thin belt. Choose ones with decorative element such as sparkles, ribbons and other detail. Avoid matching the colour of your belt with the dress because they’ll just blend in and won’t be noticed.


Watches can upgrade the look of any outfit no matter what type you wear. If you want an all-around watch that can be worn on your everyday attire, opt for metal watches. Gold and silver are the classic ones but if you want something more feminine looking, try rose gold ones. Leather watches look great on casual outfits because of its classic appeal. You can wear it in combination with thin strapped bracelets and make a statement.


There are different styles of jewellery meant for different occasions. Small dainty jewelleries can be perfectly worn anytime and on any occasion. It adds a bit of elegance and style to whatever you’re wearing; be it office clothes, casual or formal wear.

For a classic and elegant look, you could never go wrong with traditional jewelleries such as pearls or diamonds. Wear them with a little black dress or any formal outfit to stand out among the crowd. They might be a little expensive but they surely last a lifetime.

Neon accessories are also a part of the trend today. They are usually worn during summer and spring. Wearing neon coloured pieces surely adds more colour and cheer to your get-up during these months. When wearing accessories, be sure not to overdo them by only wearing 2 pieces at a time – necklace plus bracelet, earrings plus bracelet, and so on.

There are actually plenty of ways to accessorize an outfit. Add more beauty to your ensemble by accessorizing the right way.

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