5 Essential Tips for Forklift Safety

With their ability to lift and move heavy loads and objects, forklifts are definitely helpful equipment on retail outlets, warehouses and other businesses. Lifting and moving loads up and down a pallet is made easier for your workers since they don’t have to do it manually by themselves. However, forklifts are known to be one of the major causes of workplace accidents and are caused by different factors. Keep your workers and stocks safe by following these important forklift safety tips.

Forklift Safety Training

If you’re an employer, make sure to hire a certified forklift operator to handle the equipment. Forklifts are very dangerous when left alone with an untrained hand. The operator must know the basic rules of safe operation, hazards, safety requirements and different types of forklifts and how to use them. If you already have an operator but only has a few credentials and certifications, enrol them on a training program to be assured that he knows what to do on every situation.

Check the Equipment Before Using

Another important thing to remember when working with forklifts is to always perform an inspection before using the equipment. Check everything – from tires, leaks, oil levels, brakes, wheels and even the most minor part because one tiny crack or damage can cause great accidents when left unrepaired. To be assured that the equipment and all its parts are durable and made from high quality materials, purchase or rent only at Damoli, Australia’s finest forklift service provider.

Keep Employees Safety First

Workers around the area are the ones mainly affected just in case an accident happens in the workplace. Forklifts pose many dangers to workers when handled improperly. As an operator, make sure to watch out for other workers working around the area when you’re driving a forklift. Watch out for signs such as floor markings, warning signs, and speed limits to be sure that you’re working only at the designated space. Don’t forget to sound the horn when passing through an intersection to alert other workers of your presence. If you’re a worker assigned around an area where forklifts operate, always be keen and alert in whatever you do and where you’re going. Always steer away from a forklift’s way to be safe. Only allow the essential employees work around the equipment to avoid crowding.

Utilize Floor Markings

Floor markings are great ways to work smoothly with forklifts around. It can be used to create and mark paths that are for pedestrians only or heavy equipment only. By separating these two, you’ll have a smoother traffic flow inside the warehouse. You can also use these markers to cordon certain areas on the warehouse or create boundaries for forklift parking areas.

Improve Workplace Safety

Whether you’re the employer, a forklift operator or a regular worker, always be alert when working with forklifts around. Listen to horns and light signals so you can immediately steer away from the forklift’s way. Visual communication such as warning signs help a lot because they give a quick message to everyone who sees it. Also, be sure to use lockout heavy equipment when not in use for safekeeping.

With proper precautionary measure and safety tips, you can be assured of overall safety in the workplace.

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