No-Win No-Fee Solicitors Explained

When we hear the word “free” or “no fee”, our automatic thought is that it is a scam or there are strings attached, or “what is the catch”? Nothing in the world is free so when you realize that there are lawyers who offer their services without any upfront fees and you only have to pay them when they win your case, you find it hard to believe.

There are lawyers who are called “no win no fee solicitors” and if this is something that you need, you have to be informed of all the details first to see if your case could be accepted, the procedure, what you need to provide, how involved you would be in the process and how much of the settlement fee you would receive.

The Assessment

First things first, not all cases could be accepted in this scheme. Lawyers who work personal injury claims are the ones who offer the no win no fee service. Even then, they have to assess first if there really is a case by asking you a few questions regarding your accident and or injury.

The Procedure

Usually, a phone consultation is the first step. Professional and experienced claims specialist would be the ones to handle the initial assessment. You would not have to worry even if you have a thousand questions because this consultation is free of charge.

Even if they offer you legal advice on whether you could pursue the claim or not, you would not be charged. Once the claim specialists determine you could legally ask for compensation because of someone’s negligence, they would pass your case to a no win no fee lawyers melbourne. They will then communicate with you on how to further process your claim.

The Documents

Even if it is the lawyer who would do the bulk of the work, you still need to be attentive and cooperative. You could do your part by providing them the documents as soon as they asked for it. Or ask them beforehand what they need from you. Usually this includes a medical report of your injury and a police report if the authorities have been involved.

Testimonies of witnesses and photo or video evidence are also necessary if they are available and of course, financial records of expenses you have incurred because of the accident or injury. When you have provided all these documents, your involvement is now limited to signing official paper works since claims like these are usually settled outside of court.

The Payment

Depending on what you have agreed upon, but usually 25% of the settlement sum is the normal payment which is not bad considering you did not pay any upfront fees and this 25% is only if and when the case is won.

You might wonder how lawyers could afford to offer their services like this. No win no fee solicitors actually work like this because most of injury claim cases are settled out of court and only within a short time frame. Meaning, they would not spend as much time in your case. But it does not mean that they would not put as much effort into it.

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