A guide for homeowners on buying timber flooring

If you aim to create a house interior that is elegant in the looks, the feels and all other possible ways, a critical addition is the flooring. A top choice for adding elegance and class to a house is timber flooring. With timber flooring, you will not only bring in the great patterns of nature to your house but you will also create a fine look from it. Character and warmth are only two of the great additions that come along with timber flooring to your home.

Timber flooring is expensive due to its scarcity and value. However, the investment that you make to a high valued and a beautiful market is surely worth it. Timber flooring is never the same because as mentioned before, there are unique patterns and features of nature playing its role. If you are planning to buy timber flooring ocean grove, here is a useful guide to follow:

Hardwood timber floorings

If you are choosing hardwood timber flooring, you will be getting timber strips created from one piece of timber. The smooth finished side will be cut and sanded as well. Moreover, these timber lengths come unsealed and they have natural differences in the colour, grain and also the depth that creates a natural look in your home.

Furthermore, the installation procedure of the hardwood timber should be carried out by experts. The experts should have knowledge about acclimatizing the wood to the environment before the installation. If not, the wood will get damaged due to water. Keep in mind that installation of hardwood timber doesn’t use nails or glue but they will be installed with a procedure called tongue and grooved where it will only be laid once.

Floating timber floorings

This type of timber flooring is also known as engineer timber flooring. It comes as a thin layer of hardwood timber arranged on the top of plywood. Engineered timber flooring is more affordable when compared to the hardwood timber flooring and the installation procedure is easier. They are installed depending on the weight and the connections that hold them in the right place. This timber floor is available from 12mm to 20mm for your convenience, especially when you are working on renovations.

Parquetry flooring

If you want your floor to have a geometric pattern of wood layered, the right option for you is parquetry flooring. This flooring comes preinstalled onto subgrade timber. There are lineal, square on square and weave patterns that you can choose from when it comes to this type of flooring. The most used parquetry flooring pattern is herringbone. This flooring can be installed on top of a concrete slab which has an epoxy membrane. If you are looking for the most environmentally friendly type of timber flooring, this is the best choice as it is made from offcuts of timber.

Once you have looked into the timber flooring options that you have and compared them with your budget, the look that you want to create and other aspects, choosing will be easier.

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