Questions to ask yourself when choosing a high-school

In the Australia education system, and typically in the global education system too, the high-school is what is between the primary school and the college or university education. So, in terms of the long-term stability of a child’s education and the growth of the knowledge, it is essential to make every decision related to their education carefully.

Although there are several aspects or factors to consider when choosing a secondary school, not often questions are asked; questions that are specifically pointed at different outcomes. The important of questions like these is that, with the answer you get, which is direct, you can make a decision easily – that’s the main difference between the factors and the questions. What possibly could be these questions?

  • What is the qualifying percentage of students to university?

As it was mentioned earlier, the high-school is what lies between the university education and the primary education. If the bridge of high school was not so strong and clear, then the chances of getting to a university will be minimum. With the competition imposed by both local and foreign students, that’s a risk that any parent shouldn’t take. Nonetheless, the percentage passing the 65-70% is the ideal amount for a high-school to be identified as a better one.

  • Is the payment structure (inclusive of the scholarships) handleable?

Australian education doesn’t come free – and that’s a well-known fact. But the best thing about that is that, your child will have the chance to get themselves one of the best educational curricula systems in the world. There are schools where you can even get scholarships as well. Whatever the situation it was, it is essential that you are the affording person is comfortable with the number and the payment structure specifically.

  • Is it for your daughter?

Most of the girls do not get to discover their truest potential when they have their primary and secondary education with boys. Hence, as the perfect solution, if it was your daughter that we are talking about, the best solution would be a girls boarding school brisbane given how comfortable, safe and empowering it would be. In fact, your daughter will be growing up in an environment where discipline is a must-have and no emotional complications are entertained negatively. This sort of a guidance will certainly help them to be the picture-perfect daughter that you always wanted.

  • Do they enroll students unless it is the 7th grade?

This is a tricky question that most parents do not clarify until it is the last moment. Naturally, most schools will not mind admissions done above the 7th grade under one condition; that there is space for that. If not, overpopulating classrooms would take away the quality standards that are internationally accepted. Hence, if this is the situation, make sure to clarify well beforehand.

  • Are parents allowed to have a tour beforehand?

Sometimes, the technology has advanced enough to have virtual tours, and if not, it should be alright to book a tour so that you, as the parent, would get the chance to see everything for yourself and meet the staff – how convenient is that?

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