Ceramic Coating, What Does It Do and Where Can You Use It?

Ceramic coating is a type of coating applied on the exterior of vehicles to protect the paint and keep the surface of the vehicle from being scratched or dirty. But how does it work? Where or how can you get it applied? Read below to find out.

What is Ceramic Coating?

It is a clear coat that is applied on the body of a vehicle to protect the surface. It includes a liquid polymer that will form a chemical bond with the paint and creates a layer over it for protection.

How Is It Applied

There are two ways you can do this. There are DIY kits you can use by yourself at home. Or for a more efficient finding, you can try out a Sydney new car paint protection service and get it done by professionals. In order to apply this the vehicle surface is cleaned thoroughly first to get rid of swirls or dust or dirt. This will ensure a longer lasting coat. Once the coat is applied it can only be removed by abrasion. Using chemicals to remove chemical coating will not work.

Why Try This?

Although we put our best efforts to keep our cars clean, it is not always possible to keep it away from scratches or dirt. Over time, once these scratches spread or the dirt, water or other chemicals accumulate, this can cause serious damages to the car’s paint and its appearance. A coating can protect your vehicle’s surface from all these damages; caused by natural as well as artificial elements. Furthermore, it is also long lasting than other coatings like wax that will only last for a few months.

What Does It Do?

A ceramic coating can help to keep your car surface glossy and shiny by many ways. First of all, it is hydrophobic. This means that there will be no water accumulation on the surface of your vehicle. Water will instead be repelled and will roll of the surface. This will keep the car surface safe from rain water, mud, grime as well as snow and ice. Another thing a coating can do for your vehicle is protecting it from the sun. Just like water, the UV rays too can damage the car surface. By protecting the vehicle from UV rays, a coating will also save your vehicle from oxidisation. While the coating is not completely scratch proof, it can save the car from smaller scratches caused by gavel or small bushes and plants.

What It Does Not Do?

There are several myths surrounding ceramic coating. Keep in mind that it will only protect the car exterior surface – which mostly means that it is a protection for the paint. A coating does not mean that you have to give up cleaning completely and your car will still look shiny. You will have to do your cleaning and washing once in a while. These are not completely scratch proof. While it can save you from smaller scratches, in large accident or if your car gets keyed, you will not be able to come out scratch free. They are not permanent and will require re-application. It certainly does not make your car bulletproof!


There are many benefits of a ceramic coating. While you will still have to clean your car after a coating, this will be much less frequent. Since dirt and grime will not stick to the car surface for longer, the surface can go without getting dirty for a long time. Despite being temporary, ceramic coatings are also long lasting. If applied properly it can last up to few years. It will keep your car surface safe, shiny and glossy for a longer time.

This is one of the best ways to get your car look shiny and glossy again. Try out this and see your vehicle regain its original beauty.

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