Things to Watch Out for As You Reach Your Forties

As you go past your 30’s and perhaps your 40, there may be a lot that people would tell you. The best thing however, is to speak to an expert, always! Here are a couple of things that an expert would ask you to watch out for.


Hormones can sometimes wreak havoc on aging bodies, particularly of women. Most women would see a therapist and at least get advice, if not treatment, on how to deal with hormonal changes and imbalances, if any. Keep in mind that hormonal behaviour can influence you in almost every way – the way you feel, the way you look, and the way you act. Therefore, keeping an eye on it is something you’d want to do without fail.


There could be so many habits, good and bad, that you had always practiced. However, with age, it is possible that you’d need to change or adjust according to your physical and mental need. Your good habits, too, sometimes may need to be practiced more moderately, given the present state of your body and mind. On the other hand, if you used to smoke or drink more than you should, now is the time you should quit!


Your diet plays one of the biggest roles in how well you are, and how you feel psychologically. As mentioned, it is possible that the diet plans you’ve always followed may not be the best for you right now. Again, you may want to seek some advice from a professional who will assess you and give you the best recommendations. Consider taking supplements, such as hydrolyzed collagen or powder to increase bone, skin, and hair health.


Even though it could be hard to eliminate or avoid stress completely, you still can work on ways to manage it better. Stress can take a toll on you, only a bit more as you go past your thirties or forties in particular. Thus, try as much, even get support if you have to, to manage your stress and control the way you respond to it.

Physical Activity

While physical fitness and activity is something that every individual should be engaging in, at least to a certain level, it is also important to keep in mind how much action your body can engage in. As women age, in most cases at least, the levels of stamina and endurance naturally lowers. It is up to you to figure out how much you can do and endure at this point, and make sure you do not exert yourself more than you can bear. In other words, you can engage in physical activity in a healthy and appropriate way.


Are you that person who used to move furniture, and even could move mountains if you had to – that’s how fit and able you may have always been. Nevertheless, with menopause and stuff coming through, you need to know that you may not be able to do everything that you used to, in the same way. In fact, lifting or moving heavy furniture, for instance, may even cause some damage to you physically – be it on your muscle or bone. Therefore, it is common advice to take care as you go around with daily chores.

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