Amazing Tips on How to Keep Your Car’s Paint Protected

Whether you are an automobile enthusiast or not, keeping your car’s paint job at its best condition is one of the basic maintenances you should do. Aside from aesthetic purposes, maintaining the paint job of your car also protects its body from rusting and being worn out early. Regular washing is the first step in caring for your car’s paint but there are still more ways you could do to maintain its beauty. Here are some expert tips on how to protect and maintain your car’s paint.

Remove Bird Droppings and Other Excrements

Bird droppings are common things that get stuck on your car’s exterior, especially when you park your car outdoors. Bird droppings are corrosive and could do more damage to your car’s paint the longer it is left on its surface. Aside from bird droppings, honeydew also causes damage to your car’s paint especially when direct sunlight hits it. Honeydew is the waste excreted by aphids from lime trees. Prevent these substances from damaging your car’s exterior by washing them off as soon as possible.

Go to a Carwash Regularly

Although you can wash your car at home, nothing beats the thorough cleaning a good carwash provides. Carwash doesn’t only provide your car a thorough cleaning but also has a lot of services that would help preserve your car’s paint. After washing, it is important to follow it with a coat of wax to preserve its coat.

The wax acts as an added protective layer for your car’s exterior, keeping it protected against factors that would damage the coat. To know if your car needs waxing, observe the rainwater as it drips off your car. If it still drips smoothly and normally, there’s no need for a fresh coat of wax yet. When you’re in Melbourne BMW car detailing packages are available at an affordable price to get your car looking beautiful like new.


If you notice that the paint of your car doesn’t look shiny and polished just like the first day, then it is time to polish it. Polishing is a technique that uses micro-abrasives to clean and polish the paint surface to make it look fresh and shiny again. Polishing removes minor scratches on the paint and helps preserve your car’s paint job.

Touching Up

Minor scratches can be fixed by polishing. However, if you still see scratches after polishing, the best remedy for this is to touch them up. You can choose either a spray can or paint pen depending on how big the scratches that needs to be touched up.

Just be sure to choose the correct colour for your vehicle so that it blends in perfectly and seamlessly to the old paint. If you’re not sure which colour to choose, you can get the colour code from your BMW dealer to be sure that you’re getting the right one.

Regular care and maintenance are the best way to keep your car’s exterior looking fresh and new all the time.

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