Be the Perfect Cake Maker with These Tips

With a few simple directions, anyone can bake a cake. But how can you get that perfect cake with rich taste and texture? No everyone who bakes get to have the cake they expected and face various issues from the insides being undercooked or the cake sinking in the middle or even not tasting the way you want it to taste. In order to change this and become a pro baker, there are some tips that you need to remember other than how to add and mix the ingredients. Check below to find out what they are.

Do Exactly as Told

Even when we are following the recipe, we sometimes tend to ignore the smaller details such as mixing the wet and the dry ingredients separately or adding the ingredients in the right order. But these small details are sometimes the most important ones that would give the batter the right consistency and result in the well-made desserts. Therefore, do exactly what the recipe says, to the last detail.

Room Temperature

The room temperature is another thing that you need to keep in mind. Most of the time, this rule applies to butter in cake making. Room temperature of butter is 65°F (18°C). This might be sometimes colder than your kitchen or sometimes hotter than the current temperature of your kitchen. Therefore, make sure the butter is in the perfect temperature before you add it to the mixture. Cold butter or butter that is melted too much will simply make your mixture feel off.

The Right Ingredients

There are few things that you can use as substitutes when it comes to making a cake. For example, some uses vegetable oil or margarine instead of butter. Eggs can be replaced with oil too. But remember, there are some ingredients that cannot be replaced like vanilla or the Greek yoghurt that you might have to add in for flavour.

You can find the substitutes for these, but they will not taste the same. If you are using a different ingredient, check twice before adding it. For example, if you are replacing dark chocolate chunks with milk chocolate, know that the flavour will change. So be sure before adding them. Ask an expert if you are not sure the effect of the ingredient on the final product.

Right Amounts

Measure everything right. When we have to make something in large quantities or when we feel like the original recipe is too large to be eaten by one or two people, we either have to multiply or divide the amounts that are mentioned in the recipe. This means, you need to have the right calculations. Double check your amounts and calculations before using the ingredients. Similarly, if you are converting units – such as from cups to grams – then use an accurate calculator.

Get the right Tools

This might not sound very important but it really is. You need to have the right tools that will help you to mix better, measure right, and even bake it the right way. This will include tools such as spatula, mixing bowl, mixing spoon, cake scrapers, electric mixer, and even the right sized pan. If the pan is too big the cake will look flattened out and if it is too small the batter will overflow or cake will dome too much.

Once you are ready to follow all of the above tips, you are ready to make your cake. Be careful, patient and accurate with the recipe and you will be good to go.

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