Expand Your Home as Your Family Grows

When you first started, it’s just you and your significant other. But soon, you’d start having pets and kids that your home space is not enough anymore. It’s important to have your own space and a communal space that is enough for all of you.

As your family grows, you start thinking of having more space because it is necessary to have a place for all of your things. Otherwise, your home would just look and feel cluttered no matter how attentive you are in keeping it clean.

Before you start considering moving out into a bigger house, perhaps you could just expand your current home which is more economical, instead of purchasing a new home.

Remodel your attic

Most attics are automatically made into storage of things that homeowners do not frequently use. It’s not even an organized or arranged storage room. It’s just a heap and collection of accumulated stuff over the years.

If your home expansion is to have a room for when your kids requested to have their own bedroom, you could remodel your attic to have another bedroom. It could also be remodelled to be a home office or your own gym. Or it could even stay as it is, a storage room. Provided that you organize your attic to have more space so you could store more things and free up space in your living and shared space.

Double storey

For homeowners who has a more significant budget for home additions, double storey extension is the most common addition since it would definitely add a considerable amount of space in your home. This addition would also increase your home’s value especially if you are planning to resell in the future. Although, you have to have your home estimated first if the second storey addition is feasible because if your home’s foundation is shallow, it might not be able to support the weight of the additional floor.

Adding/sealing your garage

If you don’t have a garage or the garage is an open space, you could add or seal it so the space would not only where you could park your vehicles. It could also serve now as another storage for your things or as a workshop if you or your partner is into crafts and or woodworks. When you add or seal your garage space, you would also have a space above the garage that you could also convert into another functional space.

Bump out

This type of home additions is to add more space to your space. You could bump out your kitchen or your living room or an altogether new room such as entertainment or game room or a library. Whatever it is, when you add more square footage to a single or more room or you added another area that wasn’t there before, this is considered a bump out home addition.

Home additions would be costly but it is necessary as your family grows for everyone to have their own space. Ask your family and plan it beforehand so as to maximize the space available.

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