Ways to Boost ROI of Your Non-profit Event

Unlike businesses, non-profit organizations use a different strategy when it comes to earning funds for their goals. They don’t market their brand to attract more customers and earn more sales. Instead, these organizations host non-profit events to earn funds to achieve their objectives.

Although it sounds easy to host a non-profit event, it actually needs a lot of careful planning and consideration on what you’re trying to achieve in the event. Even the little details are important in the success of your non-profit event. If it’s your first time planning a non-profit event, here are the key steps to help you boost ROI of the event.

Specify Your Purpose

An event without a purpose is definitely doomed to fail, or if not, earn lesser than what it’s expected to be. Basically, the main purpose of a non-profit event is to gain money. However, it doesn’t just stop there. You need to plan out more purpose for your event to encourage the guests to give more to your organization.

Maybe you could create more activities that would give your guests a valuable experience or even appeal to their feelings making them gift more to your organization. Aside from simply gaining funds, you may also list in new potential donors who are interested in the organization. There are plenty of things that would add purpose to your event and increasing ROI in a charity appeal

Change Your Technique

Although events are not really purely for earning money, you need to use different techniques in achieving your goal to keep it effective. There are plenty of ways you can use to earn more donors – from getting new donors and upgrading old or VIP donors.

First, getting new donors would really help a lot in increasing the ROI of your company. You can ask your staff to invite other people that they know maybe there’s a potential donor in them. If the new guests have no idea yet about the organization, you can start by educating them and giving them tips on how they could make a difference in the organization.

Another way of gaining more ROI is by taking care of previous donors. If you want to reach out to previous customers and keep them engaged in the organization, you should also include activities that cater to them. When hosting a VIP party for previous donors, a limited guest list would do great since it makes the event feel more exclusive and special. With a great experience from your organization, you can be sure that previous donors will give more gift and even upgrade their present membership.

Since each event can be approached through different means, you should have more purpose when you’re hosting a party. Aside from that, it is also best if you could tailor a non-profit event into something more interesting for the potential donors. That way, clients will have a positive feeling with the event and could see more purpose why they should donate more for it.

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