8 of the Best Off-Roading Extensions

Are you looking for some new extensions to install? We’ve discussed some of the best, like swapping your stock-tires, installing a bull-bar, and adding a roof rack. Read ahead to find out what the rest are.

1.      Tires

Swapping your stock-tires would be smart. Unfortunately, stock tires are not that great, as they aren’t very big or have the best traction.

Traction is important, as it lets you handle slippery terrain. You can go through online reviews to figure out which tires have the best traction.

2.      Suspension Kit

One of the best modifications happen to be suspension kits. They will lift your vehicle, which will help you dodge obstacles. Also, finding suspension kits is easy. There are several options on the market.


As there are so many options on the market, finding the right one can be difficult. In our opinion, the Rough Country are industry leaders and are one of our favourite companies for suspension kits.

3.      Shock Extenders

Speaking of handling terrain, you might benefit from a Shock. It would help you handle the brunt of more rough terrain. They’re easy to come-by.

4.      Bull-bar

Bull-bars will help you overcome obstacles, if you can’t get around them. They are designed like cow-catchers, so they will be shields that will help you drive through whatever is ahead.

5.      Winch

Winches are one of the best modifications you could install. If you happen to get stuck in a ditch, which happens more times than you’d expect, it would help you get out. Essentially, it would be a metal rope that is attached to your car that you can tie to a tree as support.

6. Roof Rack

Bringing a lot of gear with you is good practice. But figuring out where to keep them can be difficult. A roof-rack will be useful, as it would be the necessary added space. You can also sit on the roof-rack and relax if you don’t want to take a break in your car.

Options made from aluminium are the best. They’re strong and can handle the elements better too.

7.      Light Bar

Light-bars are powerful lights that can be strapped on the top of your car. From all the modifications you can make, they’re one of the most useful, as they help you cover ground in the night.

8. Hitch

Lastly, you can install a hitch to your vehicle. Regardless of if you’re planning on towing your SUV or not, having it installed would be smart. It would be a mounting point for all kinds of accessories, like bike racks and spare tire carriers.

Final Thoughts

Considering all of the points that were discussed, what do you think? There are several modifications that you can make. Some of the best include installing light-bars, roof racks, and suspension kits. From all the modifications that you can make, changing your tires are one of the most popular. New tires are not very expensive – the stock options tend to not have good traction.

Hopefully you found all of the points that were mentioned useful.

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