Giving a summer makeover to your house

Summer is almost here and it’s the perfect time to renovate the exterior of your home.  Investing some money to improve your home will always be worth it. It’s going to increase the value of your house and give it a great market value.

Here are few exterior home improvements to consider, along with the estimated complexity of each:

The quickest way to freshen up an outdoor space is to apply a fresh coat of paint.  Repainting the exterior of your home including the walls, window frames, floors, and doors, will help make your home look fresher, cleaner, and more modern.  Also, if you use a weatherproof paint, you can also install it in your home to reduce wear over time.

If you are looking for a professional to paint this will save you time and effort, but in the long run it can cost you thousands of dollars.  If you can do the painting by yourself it can save few dollars.

Exterior lighting is modernized with practicality and aesthetics. You should invest some money to get some lights to your outdoor space as it can be convenient.Buying Outdoor lounges will add more beauty to your outdoor space. At the same time, balcony, patio and garden lighting can enhance the ambience of your space, increase comfort and give you a reason to spend more time outdoors.  Depending on the look you like, you can try garlands and pendant lights, or consider lamp nests and wall sconces.

Lighting can be sometimes expensive. Maybe you can save some money if you create a lighting mount by yourself rather than getting a fashionable light.  But if you want to fix spotlights you may have to spend so much of money on the lights and also for installing them.

A fence gives you more privacy and also helps keep out wildlife and attackers.  The fencing material you choose depends on your style, specific needs, and the local weather.Wooden fences are classic and versatile, chain fences are economical and suitable for pets, while aluminum fences are ideal for dry weather.  Vinyl fences are the most durable and weather-resistant, but also the most expensive. The cost of the fence depends on the materials you purchase and whether you hire someone to build and install it.

A garden which is not maintained properly can give a bad look for your outdoor space it can also bring different insects. It would be an excellent work in favor of selling the home.You can make some boxes and cultivate your favorite plants in them. However, if you have enough outdoor space, you can create a walk-in garden with different sections and seating areas.  Depending on your style, you can add fruit steaks, stone carvings or a fish tank.  You can even build pergola if you want to visit a special place and enjoy the backyard view.

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